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Antalya – Kemer / Çamyuva

Summer camp is located in Antalya – Kemer Çamyuva where is the most beautiful coasline in Turkey and also located near Toros mountain, you can witness history, nature and sea here. Camper will stop over in AQUA CAMP place. Accomodation area is established on 10 decare and terrain consist of our own Bungalows. Also accomodation area is prapared specially for children to have a good time in there. Moreover, facility supplies for children: riding manege, educated English and Arabish horse, swimming pool, archery.

  • Distance between summer camp and Antalya is 35 km.
  • Distance between summer camp and airport is 50 km.

All rooms provide to camper 24 hours hot water, air conditioner and TV. Camper will stop over in Bungalows ( each room ) according to their ages ( three, four or five people ).

We will be glad to host you in our facility where we prapare with consider campers requirements and pleasure.



09 – 17 Age

NOTE: ( Camper will be separeted according to their ages )

Youth Camp Quota : 50 camper


Term :
04 July – 14 July 2023

17 July – 27 Jully 2023

Term Prices : $ 1250

Plan of Payment : You can do it : Cash, Money Order and Instalment. Charges and payments are as

indicated above as well as you can book your ground in international youth camp via our home page

with filling online registration form.



  • Full pension accommodation ( breakfast, lunch and dinner ),
  • Tea time and cookie,
  • Laundry services,
  • English – Turkish practise lectures,
  • Sport activities,social and sportive activities’ tools and equipment,
  • Travels,
  • Health care ( supplyment of youth camp infırmary ),
  • Security and supervision,
  • AQUA t-shirt



  • Round trip price
  • Airplane ticket
  • Bus ticket
  • Drugs and health care which aren’t adequate for infırmary possibility
  • In water sport; parachute and jet ski




Campers can enjoy with water sports ( Banana – Surfing – Ringo – Super Mable – Jet Ski – Parachute – Canoe etc. ) that are located in Antalya – Kemer coastline and at the Fantasia Holiday Village, 300 meter from the camp center. For the safety of campers, the Professional Water Sport Team and Coaches will be accompanied.



Campers will meet with magical world of underwater first time. After getting theoretical and practical knowledge of basic diving training, they become ready for discovering magical world of underwater.

They will learn how to use diving equipment ( A, B, C, Equipment ) sc. PALLET, MASK, SCHNORKEL and all basic procedures related to diving. Before sea diving, campers become ready first with theoretical, then test in the pool with tubes. The next step is, complete the program with sea diving. Filming underwater is given as a copy to the campers.



Riding which is one of the most popular sports is at the foreront of campers’ preferred sports in terms of spiritual tranquility. All posture related muscles of the rider work irreplaceably when riding and plays an important role in the uprightness of the Skeletal System of our body. Our students who participate in the camp, do this sport with interest and fondness. This sports’ greatest feature is the only sport in the world that play with an animal.

In the Summer Camp, students prepare horses that in the barn with hostler, they feed them with carrots and apples and then they take horses to manege with hostler.Students start equestrian sports with riding training that done in the manege. After riding training, campers complete this sport with a great jungle tour and finally campers leave horses in the barn with hostler.



Paintball is played with paint ball and strategy. Campers, approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and fields are authorized by Shooting and Hunting Federation and also sports are played in the framework of rules. Our paintball field is located in Göynük ( near Antalya – Kemer ) and it has 10.000 square meters area. Campers complete their entertainment with playing paintball in this area.



Students who are join Summer Camp complete adrenaline filled tours on the tree tops or on masts with adrenaline feels. These tours : Rope Bridges, Tube Tunnels, Flicker Bridges, Balance Beams, Giant Swings, Climbing Panels, Climbing nets etc.. Trainers specializing in mountain climbing and climbing, take all precautions before these tours and accompany to campers. In the World and Turkey, high rope tracks can be found at various heights. Campers are protected by hardeare developed for mountain sports.



Daytime Activities: Scouting, Camping, Setting Up a Tent, Accommodation in a Tent, Archery and Beach Volleyball.

Night Activities: Campfire, Cowboy Night, Animations, Karaoke, Playback, Sketches, Outdoor Cinema and Disco.



Youth Camp Tours start with yacht trip continue among the Antalya costline.-Antalya has the most beautiful costline of Turkey and you can see all natural beauties.- Campers visit these historical and touristic areas in Antalya : Duden Waterfall, Olimpos, Fasalis, Perge, Antalya Castle, Antalya Museum etc.. Environment tour continues with fun and a day that will never forget in water slides center of AQUA park.



In Summer Camp English Language Training is done 1 hour per a day and within the program students can have opportunity to make practice. Active and pleasant English training is provided to students sometimes individually, sometimes with ge groups. Throughout the Summer Camps approximately 20 hours lessons are lectured. With these theoretical lessons, trainers lecture by combining activities for see the benefits of theoretical lessons. During the day English is spoken in sports and social activities.



Summer camp is located in Antalya – Kemer Çamyuva where is the most beautiful coasline in Turkey and also located near Toros mountain, you can witness history, nature and sea here. Accomodation area is established on 10 decare and terrain consist of our own Bungalows. Camper will stop over in Bungalows ( each room ) according to their ages ( three, four or five people ). Facility supplies for children: riding manege, educated English and Arabish horse, swimming pool. Distance between summer camp and Antalya is 35 km. and distance between summer camp and airport is 50 km.. All rooms provide to camper 24 hours hot water, air conditioner and TV.



All of our trainers have specialized in their own fields, academically educated and educated abıut the Pedagogical Formation and Preschool who have worked together for many years and who have graduated fom Sports Academy. Campers do everything under the supervision of our instructors.



Safety and security of campers is provided by hotel management and trainers. The camp center is also supported by the youth camp authorities. In the camp center, the night shift trainers work and provide security at night.



As youth camps, the issue we are most sensitive to is health. Throughout the camp, our facility has 24 – hours health staff. If we encounter major problems, Private life hospital and state hospital provide us 24 – hours doctors, nurses, health staff and ambulance service.



Access to Summer Camp; group leader meets these all campers and provides transportation to Youth Camp center with buses: from ANTALYA airport from İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Gaziantep, Mersin, Hatay, Bursa, Adana as cities campers or campers who travelled by plane from domestic and outland.

From other cities campers like Kocaeli, Konya, Eskişehir, Denizli, Aydın, Kayseri, Malatya and Balıkesir : If enough numbers are provided, round-trip transportation is supplied by bu sor plane. Parents may prefer air tranportation to their children or they can deliver their children to the camping area themselves and they can take them by themselves.

Parents all transportation requests are organized and details are reported them before camp. We know that driver choice is important for childrens’ safely and comfortably travel so we pay attention when choose driver. Buses have all health and security prevention. During and fter transportation, parents are informed via massages and telephone.



One of the things that comes to mind when it comes to Youth Camps is the amount of energy that campers spend. Therefore, food lists are prepared by expert dietitians. The products of the well established brands in the market which have quality standards in meals are preferred. Our nutrition program is supported by snack meals as well as our main meals prepared three meals a day.



AQUA t-shirt and participation certificates are given to all participant. And also made trainings’ and activities’ photos and video recordings are given to campers. These taken photos are shared on social media or Aqua Camp’s Facebook page daily with parents and campers can obtain them from there as a memory of youth camp.



08:00-08:30 : Awake and Personal Cleanliness

08:30-08:45 : Morning Sport

08:45-09:30 : Breakfast

09:45-11:30 : Water Sports (Surfing, Banana, Ringo, Diving Training etc.)

11:45-12:30 : Return to the Hotel and Resting

13:00-13:30 : Lunch

13:30-15:00 : Resting

15:00-16:15 : Sport Activities (Swimming, Basketball, etc.)

16:30-17:30 : English Training

17:30-19:30 : Riding Training

19:30-20:00 : Dinner

20:30-22:30 : Night Animation, Entertainment and Disco

23:00-00:00 : Return to Rooms and Preparation for Sleeping

NOTE: Summer camp activities which are in the sample program can be changed in these conditions: weather conditions, environmental factors etc.

Camp day for summer camp as like this and any minute supports children’s devolopment.



  • Summer Camp develops your children in her/his future life in the positive aspect.
  • In the Summer Camp, campers assume a role like a successful adults.
  • In the camp, they learn new skills.
  • Youth Camp assists to meet new friends.
  • Thanks to the Summer Camp, campers try and learn new sports and cultures.
  • Camp teaches to be active to our children.
  • Camp provides children to participate activities which are done by human ability. According to researches, children who learn new activities in camps, even after returning home they continue to do these activities.
  • Youth Camps assists teenager’s learning and development.
  • Well-managed camps reduce loss of learning that will occur in summer.
  • Youth Camps provide programs that will increase academic development and ability to socialize. This contributes to students.
  • Camps contribute to our children to develop their leadership qualification. Also, Summer Camp enables to utilize children’s all of the potentials.
  • Camp allows children to take a deep breath in the nature, feel and focus.
  • Summer Camps are only place that their children contact with nature for some families.


Summer Camp – Kids Camp